Online Resources / Educational Toolkits

We offer a range of free online resources aimed at industry leaders, educators and students.

Fostering Sustainable Practices Hub

An open access repository for FSP project outcomes and impact; with blog posts, recordings of events, case studies and access to download the guidebook.

The Lost Species Mask Kit

From the everyday to the extraordinary. Designed by Lucy Orta, a hands-on resource kit containing life-size pattern templates for creating masks of new and extraordinary creatures.

The Lost Species Handbook

The Lost Species Handbook: from the everyday to the extraordinary. An illustrated guide by artist Prof. Lucy Orta with texts by historian Sophie Page.

Fashion Values: Nature

Understand biodiversity in the context of fashion and create a plan for fashion that protects Earth’s ecosystems – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Fashion Values

Fashion Values is an educational programme ideated and developed by Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), UAL, in partnership with Kering, IBM and Vogue Business.

The Sustainable Fashion Glossary

The Sustainable Fashion Glossary is a reference tool to help usher in a new era of understanding of fashion, based on a respect for and valuing of the earth and all who live within it.

Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

An introduction to sustainable fashion design, research and business practice – a free online course, supported by luxury fashion group Kering.

Fashion Futures 2030 Toolkits

Fashion Futures 2030 is an online toolkit designed to help educators, industry professionals and students engage in critical thought and discourse of fashion and nature through the exploration of four possible future scenarios.