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About us 

We are Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), a University of the Arts London research, education and knowledge exchange centre. 

Our work 

Based at London College of Fashion (LCF), we provoke, challenge, and question the status quo in fashion; contributing to a system that recognises its ecological context and honours equity. We shape and contribute to Fashion Design for Sustainability as a field of study, industry, and education practices. We engage in transformation design, cross-referencing fashion’s ecological, social, economic, and cultural agendas.


We take a pluralistic, systemic approach, collaborating with universities, businesses, and other organisations around the world. All our work is underpinned by Our Declaration, applied through our Strategic Plan.

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Two girls wearing home-made ponchos reading LOVE SYRIA from the Zaatari Action project


We engage in diversely informed, critical discourse, exploring epistemological, philosophical, and ontological elements of Fashion Design for Sustainability. Our multiple approaches and methodologies are informed by the diverse backgrounds and interests of our researchers.

A man sat in a workshop looking interested

Knowledge Exchange

We engage in participatory practice with businesses, NGOs, government agencies and other organisations. Our projects create culture and practice change through workshops, mentoring, design practice, insight reports and contract research.

London college of fashion students in a workshop


We engage in transformational education practice with learners across levels and locations. We create courses and resources for LCF and UAL students and for wider audiences through digital learning.

A person holding a book 'Fixing Fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability'

Policy and advocacy

We engage in policy change work to support social and environmental justice. To recognise and incentivise sustainability led fashion design entrepreneurs, and to champion support for best practice at a larger scale.

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Our Commitments

We set out our direction and mission with short and long term aims and objectives, a delivery plan, and a framework of accountability.

Illustrated group of people from CSF with book

Study with CSF

CSF works with a range of courses at London College of Fashion across both undergraduate and postgraduate portfolios, ensuring new knowledge is shared through research-led teaching and learning.

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Meet the Team

We seek to create change in ourselves and through our work as action and reflection.

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