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The Sustainable Fashion Glossary

The Sustainable Fashion Glossary is a reference tool to help usher in a new era of understanding of fashion, based on a respect for and valuing of the earth and all who live within it.

The Sustainable Fashion Glossary

Editors, writers, designers, artists, innovators and educators need a shared understanding of the key issues, and a common language to tackle them. They need an open platform for candid and informed conversations. The dialogue begins here.

CSF has partnered with Condé Nast to create The Sustainable Fashion Glossary, combining Condé Nast’s unique perspective on the sector with CSF’s academic leadership in fashion design for sustainability. The Sustainable Fashion Glossary can strengthen and develop sustainability literacy in fashion media by providing guidance on the most pertinent terms surrounding sustainability in fashion: its cultures, materials, production, buying habits and care practices.

The Glossary sets out a common language with consistent definitions of key fashion and sustainability concepts, supported by fact-based explanations and references to provide further clarity. This work draws upon a series of guiding principles and frameworks that underpin CSF’s work. It is a crystallization of its research and educational practices, bringing academic rigor and accuracy to its contents.

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