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Prof Lucy Orta

Prof Lucy Orta

Chair of Art and the Environment

A visual arts practitioner addressing key social and ecological challenges through making and collaborative working. Founder of the UAL Art for the Environment Residency Programme. Lucy employs a wide range of media to visualise relationships between the body and our natural and urban habitats. Her projects include 'Refuge Wear’ / 'Body Architecture', portable, lightweight and autonomous structures that reflect on human mobility and survival; 'Nexus Architecture', performances that shape modular and collective bodies through the metaphor of the social link; 'Life Guards / Genius Loci', wearable sculpture that question human vulnerability. Whilst also working on collaborative projects that interrogate local and global food chains through the ritual of community dining (70x7); water scarcity arising from its pollution and corporate control (OrtaWater); the effects of climate change on migration (Antarctica); and the value of interwoven ecosystems (Amazonia).


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