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ASOS Circular Design Guidebook

The ASOS Circular Design Guidebook is a 112-page long interactive resource to drive innovation in circular design and production, co-authored by ASOS and Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

ASOS Circular Design Guidebook

In November 2021, ASOS and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) published the ASOS Circular Design Guidebook – an open-source resource to help designers, students and fashion brands design and create fashion products that support the circular economy.

The co-authored guidebook is the latest element of a multi-year collaboration between ASOS and CSF which started in 2018. The resource builds on ASOS’s first proof-of-concept for circular design, the ASOS Design Circular Collection, in September 2020.

The guidebook includes detailed information on the nine ASOS circular design strategies – methods for designing products to build towards a circular economy for fashion, and make the shift from linear to circular. It also contains a zero-waste cutting guide, a guide to choosing suitable materials for circular design products, and details on textiles recycling techniques and technologies. Throughout the guide, we’ve included examples of best practice in circular design from across the fashion industry.

Read more on the CSF Blog.

Please note that interactive elements will only be accessible by opening a downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat on a desktop. A non-interactive version of the guide is available for those unable to access interactive elements.

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