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FashionSEEDS – Resources for Fashion Tutors

FashionSEEDS offers a set of tools and resources to help us consider what to teach, how to teach, and how far we can change or transform our teaching through the discipline of Fashion Design for Sustainability.

FashionSEEDS – Resources for Fashion Tutors

Education is the leverage point for change in societies, cultures and economies, and in a time of climate emergency, individual and systemic change in fashion is needed now more than ever. As fashion tutors we have the opportunity and responsibility to be changemakers; to nurture the knowledge, skills and competencies that both challenge the damaging practices of the existing fashion system and design new systems that restore nature and equity.

FashionSEEDS (Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability) is a European collaborative network of fashion universities, using radical design-led approaches to envisage a fashion education system that nurtures graduates with the skills, capabilities, and knowledge of fashion design for sustainability. Whilst fashion is a global industry providing livelihoods to 50+ million people and generating over €2.4 trillion each year, its practices are built on systems that are causing severe environmental and social damage. The economic sustainability of the industry is also at risk, as fashion design practices do not take account of the diminishing resources upon which the industry relies. The fashion industry requires new models of education and environments for innovation, revised course contents, assessment methods and the means for tutors to develop new knowledge and practices.

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