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Study at CSF

CSF works with a range of courses at London College of Fashion across both undergraduate and postgraduate portfolios, ensuring new knowledge is shared through research-led teaching and learning.


CSF works with a range of courses at London College of Fashion across both undergraduate and postgraduate portfolios, ensuring new knowledge is shared through research-led teaching and learning, whilst students are contributing to and participating in co-learning.

The courses we work with change frequently depending on the projects and places we are exploring. CSF also work at a strategic level with LCF’s schools to ensure that every student can explore nature and humanity-based explorations of fashion through their discipline. 


All undergraduates at London College of Fashion, UAL, in any discipline, study the Better Lives curriculum unit in their first year. The unit gives you a foundation in sustainability, diversity and social responsibility on which to base your ongoing study.


Centre for Sustainable Fashion has co-designed many elements of this module CSF’s members also contribute to many other undergraduate degrees at LCF, so no matter your discipline, you will be learning from the work of the CSF team. 


CSF works alongside postgraduate courses at London College of Fashion through research led teaching and learning. 

MA Fashion Futures 

MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion was developed by CSF in 2008 (originally called MA Fashion and the Environment). Students on the course continue to have access to CSF’s contributions through research and knowledge exchange led teaching and resources. 


The researchers at Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) are experienced supervisors, supporting a range of students in their PhD study with us.

PhD degrees are doctoral-level awards which are the highest level of an academic degree.  

​A PhD is awarded following successful completion of a research project and thesis which offers a significant new contribution to knowledge in the chosen subject area. 

As CSF is a University of the Arts London (UAL) Research Centre all applications for PhD study at CSF must go via UAL. UAL offers both theoretical and practice-based research programmes, leading to an MPhil or PhD. With the support of an experienced supervisory team, you will embark on a programme of self-directed study.    

 For more information visit UAL's PhD and MPhil Degrees page, with answers to frequently asked questions such as: 

  • entry requirements 

  • length of study 

  • the application process 

  • fees and funding opportunities available  

Next steps: 

  • Find a supervisor –  You can explore the UAL staff researchers page or the CSF staff profiles to find a relevant researcher you would like to work with. If you know you would like to apply to CSF, London College of Fashion, but don’t have a particular supervisor in mind you can contact us for advice.    

  • Draft a research proposal – We recommend you format your research proposal according to UAL's guidance. If you require feedback we can direct your proposal to a subject specialist for review and comments.   

  • Apply – Information on where and how to apply can be found on UAL's PhD and MPhil degrees page. 

Current CSF students and alumni have explored research themes such as: 

  • The practice of mending: Unravelling its effect on the wearer’s relationship to clothing 

  • How can fashion be used to enable political agency in a shift towards a more democratic and sustainable society? 

  • Fashion-In-Residence: A practice-led inquiry into the landscape of local clothing systems 

  • The Sustainability and Craft Innovation of Fish Leather in the Luxury Industry 

  • Craft values as transformative tools to create new relationships with fashion artefacts, and more sustainable futures for consumers and makers in the UK 

  • Towards a practice of unmaking: a strategy for critical fashion design practice 

  • Fashion Design and Laundry Practices: Practice-Orientated Approaches to Design for Sustainability. 

Our current PhD community represents a wealth of fashion sustainability research ideas and themes, explored through both theoretical and practical research. 

Online Learning 

CSF offer a range of free online courses and resources aimed at industry leaders, educators and students.  

three people posed in colourful garments

Fashion Values: Cultures

Use storytelling to contribute to equitable, inclusive and diverse cultures in and through fashion.

Connected outfits by artist Lucy Orta

Fashion Values: Economy

Explore the global fashion economy and sustainability, creating a plan for fashion that nurtures wellbeing for people and nature – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Hands overcrossing in fashion outfits by London College of Fashion designer

Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World

An introduction to sustainable fashion design, research and business practice – a free online course, supported by luxury fashion group Kering.

Woman in field with fashion outfit

Fashion Values: Nature

Understand biodiversity in the context of fashion and create a plan for fashion that protects Earth’s ecosystems – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Group of activists in fashion outfits at UAL Parade for Climate Justice

Fashion Values: Society

Examine the relationship between fashion and society, using activism to challenge social injustice – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

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