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Fashion Values: Economy

Explore the global fashion economy and sustainability, creating a plan for fashion that nurtures wellbeing for people and nature – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Fashion Values: Economy

Understand the relationship between economics, fashion, people and nature.

Fashion is an integral part of the global economy, yet we know that dominant economic practices in fashion are contributing to the exploitation and degradation of people and nature, perpetuating inequality and contributing to the climate emergency.

On this four-week course, you’ll explore fashion and economy from a design perspective. You’ll look at fashion in relation to concepts of value, use, access, exchange, regulation, work, and making. You’ll learn from alternative economic models and fashion practices that value more than financial gain.

You’ll respond to a design thinking challenge, developing a fashion economic practice that nurtures wellbeing for people and nature. You’ll be guided through the steps to empathise with people and nature, and will ideate, prototype, and communicate your own concept for fashion that nurtures wellbeing for all.

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