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Fashion Values: Nature

Understand biodiversity in the context of fashion and create a plan for fashion that protects Earth’s ecosystems – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Fashion Values: Nature

Discover fashion practices that can protect, restore, and regenerate ecosystems. Nature is the life force that provides us with the air, water, soil, and minerals that sustain life on earth. These elements come together in the clothes we wear.

This course will help you build the knowledge, skills, and connections to reimagine fashion’s practices and develop a plan to put nature first. You’ll join a community of fashion and sustainability thinkers and doers that have the vision, skills, and commitment to radically transform how we live and work through fashion.

Developed as part of the Fashion Values programme, this course is designed to empower anyone with the tools to address the challenges facing fashion sustainability today. Throughout this course, you’ll reflect on fashion’s relationship with nature and how this relates to fashion sustainability.

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