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Fashion Values: Society

Examine the relationship between fashion and society, using activism to challenge social injustice – a free online course as part of the Fashion Values programme.

Fashion Values: Society

On this four-week course, you’ll explore how fashion can paradoxically be a force for societal good, creating agency, collaboration, dignity and distinction between people, or a cause and perpetuator of injustice.

You’ll understand how activism can be used to challenge social injustice and be inspired by intersectional perspectives, and historical and contemporary case studies and resources.

You’ll explore the process of change in relation to fashion and society, exploring various models that provide ways of thinking, feeling or working towards change. You’ll learn about where power lies to create change and to challenge social injustice in fashion. You’ll examine many approaches to and models of activism, as well as the importance of resilience.

By the end of the course you’ll be empowered to use design thinking to develop fashion activities and behaviours in response to the question: ‘How will we use fashion activism to challenge social injustice?’

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