PhD Profiles

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Victoria Elizabeth Ho

Markers of Sustainability: Respectful Engagement Between Designer and Vietnamese Artisans in Production of Hybrid-cultural Products

Eldina Begic

How to wear utopia: a dress manual for the socialist future

Anna Fitzpatrick

Fashioning Political Actors: an exploration of political agency and sustainable fashion

Rawan Maki

An exploration of key levers influencing sustainability goals for the fashion sector in Bahrain.

Lauren Junestrand Leal

A cross-geographical study of second-hand fashion consumption practices.

Elisa Palomino-Perez

Indigenous Arctic Fish Skin Heritage: Sustainability, Craft and Material Innovation.

Katherine Pogson

The Companion Object: Materialising a dialogue with ‘nature’.

Kadian A Gosler

Futuristic Bras: Centring Experience in the Design and Development of Bra Wearables.

Katelyn Toth-Fejel

Fashion-In-Residence: Mapping the landscape of local clothing systems.