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Eldina Begic

How to wear utopia: a dress manual for the socialist future

Eldina’s research speculates on clothing in a utopian future through an exploration of work and workwear.

The research proposes future work scenarios that combine professions into new hybrids, such as hairdresser-psychotherapists and culinary-scientists.

Eldina Begic

In a society marked by growing inequality and threatened by the mass disappearance of jobs, it is becoming increasingly urgent to imagine alternative social and economic models for a post-capitalist world and revisit the concept of utopia. This research proposes new forms of work and workwear and asks how design can stimulate the political and social imagination. The aim of the proposed research is to explore social fiction

as a design methodology for speculating on the future of work and workwear while envisioning a utopian egalitarian society.

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