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Katherine Pogson

The Companion Object: Materialising a dialogue with ‘nature’.

Practice-based multispecies ethnography, uniting anthropology, environmental theory and textile practice.

Katherine Pogson

This enquiry synthesises knowledge from craft theory and practice, environmental philosophy and anthropology. It critically evaluates beliefs about human/nature relationships, using inversion and critical anthropomorphism as tools to question the human/nature divide in terms of materials and human primacy.  The work adds a creative perspective to the emerging field of multispecies ethnography and highlights the potential for craft in re-thinking the relationships of humans to the environment.


  • ‘Towards…Something More Liveable’ A Moth Journey. Chapter in Fletcher, K., St.Pierre, L. ,Tham, M., (2019) Design and Nature; A Partnership. Oxford: Routledge. P.26-31.

  • Exhibition Review: Fashioned from Nature. Victoria and Albert Museum. Fashion Practice: Vol 11, No 1 Pages: 141-146. Published online: 03 Dec 2018.

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