Katherine Pogson

The Companion Object: Materialising a dialogue with ‘nature’.

Practice-based multispecies ethnography, uniting anthropology, environmental theory and textile practice.

This enquiry synthesises knowledge from craft theory and practice, environmental philosophy and anthropology. It critically evaluates beliefs about human/nature relationships, using inversion and critical anthropomorphism as tools to question the human/nature divide in terms of materials and human primacy.  The work adds a creative perspective to the emerging field of multispecies ethnography and highlights the potential for craft in re-thinking the relationships of humans to the environment.


  • ‘Towards…Something More Liveable’ A Moth Journey. Chapter in Fletcher, K., St.Pierre, L. ,Tham, M., (2019) Design and Nature; A Partnership. Oxford: Routledge. P.26-31.

  • Exhibition Review: Fashioned from Nature. Victoria and Albert Museum. Fashion Practice: Vol 11, No 1 Pages: 141-146. Published online: 03 Dec 2018.

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