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We set out our direction and mission with short and long term aims and objectives, a delivery plan, and a framework of accountability. 

Our Commitments

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CSF has a set of core themes which we aim to address through our work.

  • Cultures and Practices of Sustainability  

  • Sufficiency: Questioning Consumption and Growth  

  • Ecological Literacy 

  • Action in Climate Emergency 

  • Post-Human Thinking 

  • Social, Racial, Gender and Intergenerational Justice  

  • Community Resilience 

  • Practices of Care and Wellbeing  


CSF’s guiding principles encompass our philosophy, values and culture, and provide a reference for how we intend to conduct ourselves. 

  • We have integrity 

  • We practice cultures of care 

  • We are collaborative 

  • We are inquisitive 

  • We are rigorous  

  • We are committed to transforming the fashion system 

  • We are catalytic 

Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) Strategy

The CSF Strategy (2020 -2025) sets our direction for the next 5 years with short and long term aims and objectives, a delivery plan and a framework for accountability. It builds on academic research, knowledge exchange and educational practice undertaken by CSF since the Centre’s formation in 2008.  


Our work contributes to and interacts directly with an arts-based higher education and fashion designing in wider social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability agendas.  


The related Strategic Plans are envisioned as living documents, to enable us to be proactive and adaptable, and to thrive in the face of anticipated and unpredictable challenges and uncertainty.  


CSF’s mission is to:  

  • engage in participatory design and transformation design practices to act on the climate, societal and personal health and equity crisis in and through fashion.  

  • develop agency and capabilities in those involved in fashion to critically respond, adapt and transform fashion into restorative practices and cultures.  

It is CSF's hope that through our Fashion Values programme, that together we will connect and find space to nurture a multiplicity of diverse responses to how fashion can restore and regenerate nature, whilst transforming its practices.  


Through the London of College of Fashion’s undergraduate Better Lives Unit, CSF supports students with climate and social justice learning in relation to fashion practice.  


Many of UAL’s students address sustainability through their work, and as a University UAL have placed the need to live and teach more sustainably at the centre of its mission

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