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Archive Projects

For over a decade, we have sought to shape and respond to the four-fold agenda of our times – the interdependencies between cultural, economic, social, and ecological sustainability. Explore our past projects below.

FOJ Chelsea close up IMG_2149.jpg

Catalytic Clothing

Catalytic Clothing seeks to explore how clothing and textiles can be used as a catalytic surface to purify air, employing existing technology in a new way. It is the brainchild of Helen Storey and chemist Tony Ryan. 

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CHANGE, investigated what is most essential to reduce the environmental impact of clothing: reduce the amount of clothing that is produced, acquired and disposed of.

H&M shop window from Clothes well lived.jpg

Clothes Well Lived: H&M

Clothes Well Lived was a project that brought together London College of Fashion design and communication courses and H&M, to challenge our perceptions of value.

COMME des MARXISTS exhibition view at Fashion Space Gallery, 2018. Photo Katy Davies .jpg


COMME des MARXISTS was an exhibition of works by Austrian-American artist Rainer Ganahl exploring the relationships between daily life, culture, economic systems and political structures.  

FIREup workshop  Ambitions and Issues for fashion and textile designers.jpg


F.I.R.E was a series of network building and practical projects that brought academic research closer to the designer fashion sector, with a focus on micro fashion enterprises.

Fashion Ecologies project. Image credit_ Danai Tsouloufa.jpg

Fashion Ecologies

Exploring a new fashion culture grounded in localism, looking toward how we dress as part of an integrated whole, of real-world relationships and interactions between land and community. 


Fashion Education for Sustainability: Kering

The LCF x Kering five year partnership was formed in 2014 based on a shared vision to recognise sustainability as the greatest creative challenge and imperative of our time.

Fashioned from Nature cycle of clothing illustration

Fashioned From Nature

Exploring interactive ways to recognize citizens as contributors, recipients, and participants in nature through fashion as it is now and through speculative future scenarios.

MOOC 1 Hero Image (Design Elena Louka - Image Felix Cooper).png

Fashion in a Changing World 

Our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) gives learners an introduction to sustainable fashion design, research, and business practice. Supported by luxury fashion group Kering.

fashioned from nature illustration of cloud with wind turbines.jpg

Fashion Futures 2030

Fashion Futures 2030 (FF2030) has been created and realised using film, text and ideation toolkits. The project invites audiences to imagine how fashion practices can contribute to ways to live well together in nature.

woman walking wearing clothes by Lizzie Harrison

Fashioning the Future

Provoking curiosity, to encourage students and graduates to explore radical sustainability ideas through a platform that recognises emerging thinkers, doers, designers and innovators.

Habit(AT) I Stood Up image by Katy Davies.jpg


A research project led by Professor Dilys Williams, which sought to explore our habits of living through fashion’s actions, relationships and locations, framed in the context of the city.  

70 x 7 The Meal in Cathedral Square Peterborough

Harvest: 70 x 7 The Meal

A participatory public artwork gathering communities across Peterborough to collaborate and celebrate locally sourced food and to better understand its significance to the cultural heritage of the city.

girl wearing jumper whilst smiling


LASTING investigates durability as one of the most promising strategies towards more sustainable consumption.

Local Wisdom community photoshoot.jpg

Local Wisdom

Exploring ongoing maintenance and usership of clothes as part of a post-growth fashion sector, bringing together almost 500 stories showing practices of active use of clothing.


London Style

Co-learning with and mentoring of start-ups to uncover and evolve design-led professional practice based on principles of sustainability.

Francesco and the participants in the Forest Coats programme. Photo by Adam Razvi_

Making for Change: Waltham Forest

A programme of activities in relation to education, manufacturing and community engagement, aimed at creating positive change and activating legacies within the community.

NIKE HERO IMG 1600X900.jpg

Making: Nike

Exploring participatory design methods with students, tutors and industry professionals to bring data relating to climate into design decision making in processes in dynamic and applicable ways.


Shared Talent

Exploring ways to recognise the contribution of all those involved in the creation of fashion through participatory methods involving listening, making, reflection and action to challenge fashion’s hierarchies.

Winners of The Kering Award smiling whilst holding their certificates .jpg

The Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion

The Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion was launched in 2014 as part of a five-year partnership between Kering and the London College of Fashion. 

Posters for the conference on a wall imageValetinRusso.jpg

What's going on? Global Conference

What's going on? A Discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability – was the first global fashion conference to exclusively examine this area. 

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