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Funded by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), CSF will work with on this project led by University of Gloucestershire and in collaboration with King’s College London to drive up standards in sustainability learning at universities, drawing on best practice and an Education for Sustainability (EfS) assessment framework. 


This will help universities to accurately measure the quality of their sustainability education, and help students better understand how well their chosen degree programme will equip them with the knowledge, skills and experience to be leaders in sustainability practice when they join industry. 

The project will have a strong focus on developing graduates who can lead change for sustainability and will also push the sector to move sustainability education out of the margins and beyond simply badging course content with ‘single-issue’ UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Students driving curriculum quality for sustainability

Centre for Sustainable Fashion is working with University of Gloucestershire, King’s College London and London College of Fashion on a project to drive up standards in sustainability learning at universities. 

Project Team

Contact for the project 

Nina Stevenson, Head of Education (Sustainability) at CSF




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