Awards and funding

Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) members have been successful in receiving a number of international funding awards, enabling our world-leading research to be disseminated widely, in and beyond academia.


Research themes include localism, fashion activism, fashion as a communicator, fostering sustainable design practices, transformational practices, and education for sustainability in fashion.


  • Dr. Francesco Mazzarella, Fashion Futures 2030 x Making for Change from HEIF – £6,000 

  • Dr. Francesco Mazzarella, Legacy of Making for Change from Waltham Forest Council – £21,000 


  • Prof. Kate Fletcher, LASTING: Prosperity through product durability from Research Council of Norway – £77,800 

  • Prof. Sandy Black, Mapping Sustainable Fashion Opportunities for SMEs from TENDER, DG Grow – £52,000 

  • Prof. Lucy Orta, Raft of the Medusa from Arts Council England – £7,559 

  • Prof. Dilys Williams, ReModelling Fashion, part of the Business of Fashion, Textiles & Technology project from AHRC – £330,000 

  • Dr. Francesco Mazzarella, Making for Change from Waltham Forest Council – £77,000 


  • Prof. Dilys Williams, Fashion SEEDS from EU funded Erasmus + Strategic Partnership – €134,525 

  • Elisa Palomino Perez, FiSH Skin from H2020 (RISE Research Innovation Staff Exchange) – £56,000 

  • Prof. Lucy Orta, Procession Banners from Historic England – £30,000 

  • Prof. Sandy Black & Prof. Dilys Williams, Rethinking Fashion Design Entrepreneurship: Fostering Sustainable Practices from AHRC – £445,150 


  • 2015-2020 – Prof. Helen Storey, Dress for Our Time and Za’atari Action from industry partner Unilever –£180,000 


  • Prof. Kate Fletcher, KRUS: Enhancing local wool value chains in Norway from Research Council of Norway – £67,000 

  • Prof. Sandy Black, F.I.R.E Digital from AHRC – £80,000