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UAL Student Voices: So Much Stuff

Alix and studentsplay

Podcast producer Alix Hayhurst a UAL alumna and a selection of UAL students who contributed to the podcast

Today we release Podcast #2: So Much Stuff. UAL students consider the problems related to all the stuff we have and look for ways to consider it and use it in their work. And below, we hear from the podcast producer Alix Hayhurst, a UAL alumna of Fashion Promotion: Broadcast about her thoughts on the topics she talked to current students about.

CSF: As a UAL alumni, did you consider issues around sustainability and climate change when you were studying here in 2008-2011? AH: To be perfectly honest it wasn’t my main priority at that age. University for me was all about learning who I was, what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be and worrying about getting a degree.

CSF: ‘Who Cares’ is the title of the first podcast in the series, how much do you care about the issues raised by Climate Change? AH: I’ve always been aware of sustainability and climate change from a young age but not enough to really care. It’s not in your face enough to consciously care about it. In our day to day lives in London we don’t really see or feel the effects of climate change.

CSF: Has interviewing current UAL students changed your opinion or outlook? AH: Definitely. I came into this project with very little knowledge on the subject but through speaking to students and hearing their thoughts it’s really opened my eyes to it all.

CSF: Was there anything any of the interviewees told you or said that surprised or shocked you? AH: Students from Portugal, Spain & Italy told us how they think the UK is so behind with recycling and looking after the environment and how in their country it is ingrained into them as a child that they need to take responsibility for their waste and consumption. So I feel the UK needs to learn sustainability from a young age and that every subject should have sustainability woven into it so throughout our educational lives we are constantly and consistently reminded.

CSF: Podcast #3 focuses on the future, are you optimistic about what the future holds in terms of your generation? AH: I am optimistic. We are also the internet generation and we’re learning faster than ever before. Human’s are unfortunately short term thinkers but we are also extremely adaptable and I’m confident that we can overcome whatever will  happen in the future. There are some incredible individuals, groups and companies building, designing and planning for a greater future which I’m excited for and hope to be a part of one day and I fully believe the future will be better. It has to be.


Huge thanks to Producer Alix Hayhurst and Maggie Norden from the School of Media and Communication at LCF who worked closely on this project with CSF. Listen to Podcast #1 Who Cares.

Please note this is an archive blog.


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