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Multicoloured flag covered tents in antarctica in the snow

Antarctica embodies Utopia. The extreme climate and international treaty imposes mutual aid and solidarity, freedom of research, sharing and collaboration for the well-being of the planet earth. The continent is a metaphor, embodied by an immaculate whiteness that contains all the wishes of humanity, spreading a message of hope for future generations.  


The Antarctica project developed by artists Lucy and Jorge Orta resulted from an expedition to Antarctic continent in 2007. Here they installed a symbolic  Antarctica Village comprised of 50 dome dwellings and raised the Antarctica Flag as emblems of a shared future based on universal values. In 2008 the Antarctica World Passport project was created as a means to bring communities together both in a virtual sphere and through programmed events in international forums and cultural institutions worldwide.

Antarctica World Passport 

Antarctica’s immaculate ice landscape has become a powerful symbol of global warming. Geographic transformations and displacement of communities induced by climate change, especially along coastal zones or in desert regions are redefining our local and global borders. Climate Change crosses all borders and is affecting every region of the world, without distinction. Faced with this global phenomenon the Antarctica World Passport is Lucy Orta’s response to unite people, without borders, around a discursive platform. Facsimile world passports, beautifully crafted edtions, are distributed to all those who wish to become a member of the Antarctica world community and citizens are invited to join the virtual Antarctica World community.


If you would like to sign the pledge to:

  • Act in favour of sustainable development through simple, daily acts. 

  • Defend natural environments under threat, as a global public resource. 

  • Fight against climate change generated by human activity. 

  • Support humanitarian actions aiding displaced peoples of the world. 

  • Share values of peace and equality. 

  • Impart this charter to future generations.

Project  Outputs

Since 2007, we've showcased the Antarctica project as part of various events, and exhibitions across the world.  


  • Antarctica World PassportDiversity United – the sixth passport edition in German, Russian, French and English language presented in a touring exhibition at the Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany and the New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia 


  • Antarctica World Passport: Marrakesh – for Migration Week, Marrakesh, Morocco. Curated by Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat.


  • Antarctica World Passport: London – at Frieze Projects, Frieze London, UK. Curated by Raphael Gygax.

  • Antarctica World Passport: Cop21 – at Grand Palais, Paris, France 


  • Antarctica World Passport: Geneva – at Nansen Initiative, Sicli Pavillon, Geneva, Switzerland. Curated by University of the Arts London.



  • ANTARCTICA – at Festival of the World, Southbank Centre, London, UK.

  • Antarctica World Passport: US Tour – displayed at Tufts University Art Gallery; Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University; Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University; Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles; Richard E. Peeler Art Center and DePauw University. Curated by Judy Hoos Fox and Ginger Gregg Duggan.

  • Antarctica World Passport Office: China – at the 9th Shanghai Biennale, Powerhouse Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China. Curated by Qiu Zhijie, Jens Hoffman, and Boris Groys.



  • ANTARCTICA – at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italy. Curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi.



  • Antarctic Village No Borders – Marambio Base, Antarctica. Curated by Biennale al Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia.


A visual arts project exploring issues relating to the environment, politics, autonomy, habitat, mobility and relationships among people. 

Project Team

  • Professor Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art and the Environment, Centre for Sustainable Fashion

  • Camilla Palestra, Associate Curator, Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Get involved

Contact for the project 

Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art and the Environment, Centre for Sustainable Fashion



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