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Imagining Possibilities

Inviting ideas of the way things might be, based on the core value of living well together in a more than human world.

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“Creativity is never a solo endeavour, it involves the living world, the air we breathe, the earth we tread and our fellow beings."

Prof Dilys Williams | Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion

November 2023 marked fifteen years of our work across fashion and sustainability. To celebrate this milestone, we are embarking on a year of Imagining Possibilities, creating a living lab where demonstrations of our interdependencies can be experienced. What might the future of fashion be if we place earth and equity at the heart?


Imagining Possibilities Festival

Imagining Possibilities is a festival for those who engage in fashion daily and those who have never engaged in it. And everyone in between.


Join us for a radical celebration as we envision fashion’s role in creating a future where all can thrive.


By questioning existing logic and assumptions, our festival programme will expand possibilities for fashion to help people live well together in a more-than-human world, shifting the narrative of emergency, to a narrative of emergence into new ways of living.

The Lab E20 Partnership

We have partnered with The Lab E20 to explore the Future of Fashion through a programme of reciprocity between ourselves, RÆBURN and Get Living.


The partnership involves a generative, emergent and possibility-expanding experimentation that is place-shaping and sense-making.


We seek to put aside the logic that confines us, working together through creativity. How might we contribute to social and cultural distinctions and connections through fashion?


Sustainability Social

On 28 Feb 2024 we will be celebrating fifteen years of MA Fashion Futures & MA Fashion and the Environment. We invite you to join us at our Sustainability Social as we reflect on the years of changemaking in and through fashion.

Conversations will be led by Prof Dilys Williams, joined by our very special guest Clare Press – sustainability communicator, filmmaker, author, and presenter. Clare will be launching her latest book, Wear Next, and chatting with Dilys about our theme: Imagining Possibilities – building hopeful future scenarios for fashion.

Designed for Life

From Nov 2023 - Jan 2024 we took part in the Designed for Life (DfL) exhibition, celebrating London College of Fashion's decades-long dedication to using fashion and design as a force for positive change.

CSF projects featured in the exhibition included Decolonising Fashion and Textiles, Dress for Our Time and Traces: Stories of Migration.

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