At CSF we offer thought leadership in the field of fashion and sustainability, we are a constant point of reference in an ever evolving debate and we know that new ways of thinking will drive new ways of doing. We strive to spark challenging dialogues and create debate through all our communication, be it a book several years in the making, or a one hundred and forty character tweet.

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    A fashion revolution

    By Dilys Williams We know from first hand experience that fashion is a very personal phenomenon. The ways in which millions of us dress, style and adorn ourselves is part of life’s ritual, part practicality, part entertainment and, vitally, our means to social connection. Creating a sense of whom and where we are, through fashion, […]


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    Philippines Part 2

    Image by Kerry Dean The last ten days have been an incredibly diverse and eye opening introduction to life in one of the fastest developing economies in the world, albeit one where abject poverty and depravation still typify the lives of nearly thirty percent of the population, one of the highest levels in Asia. Despite […]


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    A pure revolution

    By Prof. Helen Storey 一场净化的革命 净化之衣中国行——净化我们呼吸的空气! At the end of November last year The British Council invited Prof Tony Ryan and I to share how we work with Chinese Universities – As the UK representatives for the ‘Creative Minds’ series, clocking up 6 lectures, in 6 cities, in 6 days was gruelling, but it gave […]