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    One year on

    One year ago today 1138 garment workers working in the Rana Plaza factory complex in Bangladesh died when the building they were working in collapsed. Thousands more were injured. They were making garments for many British high street brands. We spoke to Liz Parker, a workers’ rights campaigner, about her work on compensation for victims […]


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    A personal fashion revolution

    Fashion is in turns captivating, distracting, satisfying, sometimes bringing a bit of the extraordinary to every day life, and often connecting people and cultures with wonderful results. It is amazing to think that an industry that has often been described as frivolous spans so much of the world and impacts so many people and places […]


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    A fashion revolution

    We know from first hand experience that fashion is a very personal phenomenon. The ways in which millions of us dress, style and adorn ourselves is part of life’s ritual, part practicality, part entertainment and, vitally, our means to social connection. Creating a sense of whom and where we are, through fashion, is a dialogue […]