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As part of Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s ambition to develop agency and capabilities for critically responding, adapting and transforming fashion into restorative practices and cultures, we are undertaking a scoping study to explore the role of Higher Education Institutions in supporting sustainable prosperity of MSMEs (micro and small businesses) in India, and identify opportunities for cooperative inquiry and co-learning in Fashion Design for Sustainability. 

This study part of a UK Mission in Fashion and Sustainability and acts as an evidence base for future collaboration opportunities. 

Towards a Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem

UK-India scoping study in developing cultures and practices of sustainability and supporting Indian micro and small businesses (MSMEs) working in Fashion. 

Project Team

  • Dilys Williams, Professor of Fashion Design for Sustainability and Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion 

  • Naomi Bulliard, Head of Strategy at Centre for Sustainable Fashion 

Contact for the project 

Naomi Bulliard, Head of Strategy



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