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Design for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘Design for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ is the third volume of a series of books published by the DESIS Network in relation to its Thematic Areas. This book includes DESIS Labs’ projects, clustered in three sub-areas: 1) Design for Distributed Production and Circular Economy; 2) Design for a New Craftsmanship; 3) Design for Social Inclusion and Empowerment.

Design for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘The ‘glocalisation’ of social innovation is exemplified in this book by the wealth of different projects developed throughout the globe with the aim of addressing a wide array of issues. This pluralism is a symptom of the underlying potential of social innovation to be an open, decolonised and emancipatory tool for societies around the planet. The projects presented in this book are promising examples of how design for social innovation can contribute to overcoming the present crisis and its social, economic, cultural and environmental consequences. The distributed systems, circular economy, craftsmanship and social enterprises proposed in these projects are already prototyping what should be done in order to move towards more resilient and self-sufficient ways of living and working. By fostering the emergence of local making autonomy and the resilience of communities, a new structure is being built, able to alleviate the problems caused by environmental and social crises and this, in turn, is enabling the creation of new distributed support structures that respond to such crises.

ISBN: 978-88-941673-2-0

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