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The Kering Talks 2015: Kelly Slater and Kering Award winners announced

From Left to Right: Frederick Lukoff, Todd Hymel, Marie-Claire Daveu, Kelly Slater, Neliana Fuenmayor, Belen Essioux-Trujillo, Ingrid Rautemberg, Frances Corner, Dilys Williams

For the second annual Kering Talk at the London College of Fashion (LCF), we welcomed 11-time world surf champion, and proud managing director of menswear brand Outerknown, Kelly Slater to the stage to discuss fashion and our environment. It’s not often one of the world’s greatest sportsmen pops into LCF for a chat, so not surprisingly we had a room full of students and industry colleagues eager to hear about his personal relationship with the ocean and motivation to start a fashion brand.

As part of the LCFxKering partnership, the annual Kering Talks offer us an opportunity to uncover narratives and visions for a sustainable fashion industry. Kelly Slater’s vision illustrates a first-hand interaction with nature through sport, and his role as a witness to the destructive impact that we humans have on our ecosystems. This synergy with the natural world inspires and motivates him to question and challenge the structures around us and find new ways to behave. The skills needed to be a world class sportsperson include dedication, discipline, and a willingness to change – also essential in building a sustainable and resilient business model.

In conversation with Kelly was Kering CEO of Action Sports Brands Todd Hymel. Together they elaborated on the ambition and philosophy of Outerknown as a brand that cares about its supply chain, the people making their garments and the materials they source. With the expertise and commitment of Kering to support its vision for an equitable and balanced future, Outerknown is offering a new vision for the men’s sports and lifestyle market, supported by a deep love for nature and humanity.

As the second part of the Kering Talk, we were excited to showcase the Kering Award 2015 and the outstanding students that made it to the final stage. Senior Vice President of HR at Kering, Belen Essioux-Trujillo took to the stage along with CSF Director Dilys Williams to celebrate all of the students that were a part of the journey.

Announcing the two winners for the first ever Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion:

Neliana and Ingrid were both awarded 10,000 Euros and a paid internship at the brands. They were recognized for their challenging visions for fashion and their rigor in understanding sustainable practices in each of the brands. We wish Neliana, Ingrid and all the finalists all the very best for their exciting futures and forthcoming ventures. They are the future!

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