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The Kering Partnership


Better Lives – the ethos of the London College of Fashion – and so we are delighted to announce a five year partnership with Kering, that will further our work in using fashion to drive change and build a sustainable future, improving the way we live now and how we will live in the future.

At CSF our commitment is to explore knowledge and creativity using transformative design practices that are quite different from conventional ones. Our purpose is to create ways to be authentic and distinctive in our contribution to social and ecological balance through fashion’s practices. So I was delighted to meet Marie-Claire Daveu from Kering, whose sense of purpose, integrity and urgency is exemplified through the incredible boldness of Kering’s commitment to sustainability through empowering innovation.

I am even more excited to be able to say that we are about to become partners through our shared ambitions (and our shared love of all that fashion can be), and bring our collective expertise together in dynamic ways. What we can do in co-creating curriculum is to equip a generation of our graduates with ecological literacy and skills for design in society that can enable a true sense of flourishing. The ripple effect of this partnership will, we hope, be voices and actions for change, and create new habits and values in fashion’s personal and collective practices.

Tonight, Kering Chairman and CEO, François-Henri Pinault will deliver the first Kering Talk at LCF, to mark the beginning of this new partnership. This inaugural talk will see François-Henri Pinault outline his vision on the vital importance of sustainability in building a fashion industry for the future, recognizing the important role played by young talent in developing the industry in the future.

Please follow the talk on Twitter and get involved using the #LCFxKering – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

CSF will be working with Kering over the next 5 years, through co-creating curriculum – a major coup – which will create a new kind of fashion graduate, through creating a platform for new kinds of fashion connections, and through high profile public debate.  The partnership will support sustainable practices and innovation within the industry, and will play a key role as an incubator for new ways of thinking about sustainable fashion. Like CSF, Kering believe that sustainability is central to the fashion industry’s evolution and development.

Fashion is a process of interaction. It’s a social process between people with nature that is mediated through the creating, distributing, wearing and caring of clothes that represent our identities, our safety and our delight in the world. So by partnering with Kering we can look at the interrelationship between fashion’s forms and human objectives ­– and create beauty in its cross section as well as on its surfaces.

A briefing for all final year BA students and all Masters students at LCF will take place on Friday 31st October 2014. More information about this can be found here.

Students can find all the details of how to apply for the Kering Award on the Intranet, within Careers and Employability > LCF Careers > Competitions > Kering Award.


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