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Seeing, Believing, Being

Most of us rely on being able to see things to believe them and what we see is often the gauge by which we measure success or achievement in our own lives. What we believe to be socially acceptable, inspirational and great, is often shaped by the actions, habits and attire of the people in the street, in the media, in our homes, social spaces and places of work.

At CSF, we have been looking at how we can live by our values, about our other ambitions and about how we can best act in circumstances, which we sometimes see, but often need to look deeply into before really being able to understand.

We have recently penned our plans for the forthcoming 5 years, and through this blog, we will, over the coming months, be sharing some of our own and others ways in which we can create the habits, actions and attire of a life well lived, for all.  We will be gathering together markers of leadership, the means to create agency and the people who help us to gauge our achievements and those of others.

I’d like to share the work of two very different leaders here. The first is Steve Onyett, a man whose integrity and wisdom has been a guide to very many, I count myself as fortunate enough to be one. Our work at CSF has been supported by Steve’s brilliance over the past five years. He recently reminded me that – ‘there is no road, the road is made by walking.’  Thank you Steve, for being powerful and humble in equal measure.

The second is the Pope, whose power and humility is creating a highly visible means for everyone to commit to equality and balance. Through the Encyclical and the recent declaration of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, we each have ways to see and to be, whatever we believe.

My wonderful friend Karena Albers was invited to have an audience with the Pope and a number of the world’s mayors, when he invited them together last month.

Please note this is an archive blog.


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