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Kering Award Finalists 2018 – Pomellato

The Kering Awards for Sustainable Fashion 2018 saw CSF, Kering and the two Kering Brands: Alexander McQueen and Pomellato shortlist 11 students as finalists. These students come from a range of backgrounds and study at both BA and MA level at LCF. All final shortlisted students receive mentoring from both Pomellato and CSF during the incubation process of the Awards. In the summer term they present their projects to an expert panel at the Kering HQ in London.

We hear from the 6 students shortlisted for their work in sustainability for Pomellato: an Italian jewellery brand with a focus on craftmanship, empowering women and sustainable sourcing.

Tiphaine & Hanna

Winner: Hanna Moser


Why did you decided to enter the Kering Awards?

I decided to enter the Kering Awards as I thought it is a great opportunity for students to make an actual change in the fashion industry in terms of sustainability by collaborating with a world leading and influential company like Kering, who are continuously innovating their sustainability practices. Having in mind that Kering has the capabilities to bring my idea and project to life in the end of the award process really motivated me working on it. Besides that, I’ve always been interested in everything around sustainability in fashion and especially in the luxury industry as I’ve already focused my bachelor thesis around the topic.

What is your vision of sustainability in fashion/sustainable fashion?

I hope that the fashion industry is becoming more transparent for consumers as well as businesses in the future as the supply chains are still very opaque and not accessible for everyone. This is in my opinion one of the most important things as so many humans and animals in the world as well as the environment still suffer from it. If everyone would see the actual impacts there would be change for the better.

Why did you decide to submit a project for Pomellato?

I decided to submit my project for Pomellato as I’ve recently read a lot about the use and potential of Blockchain technology within jewellery supply chains, I am also writing my master dissertation on it. Therefore Pomellato, as a leading luxury jewellery retailer, was the obvious and better fitting choice for my project and I really enjoyed working with them.

Winner: Tiphaine Marie Pittet 


Why did you decide to enter the Kering Awards?

The Kering Awards have been a great opportunity to expand my interest in sustainability, especially within fashion and luxury.  

What is your vision of sustainability in fashion/sustainable fashion?

I believe that exploring sustainable fashion is the only long-term solution to the problems the fashion industry is currently facing or will be in the future. Over the past few decades we have become used to consuming so much, at such a fast pace that the impact on the environment and workers is becoming increasingly worrying. We need to act now to make change happen and work towards a more ethical fashion industry. 

Why did you decide to submit a project for Pomellato?

I have always loved jewellery and even though I was not particularly familiar with the sector, I knew there were many possibilities to work towards more sustainability, especially around raw materials and their traceability. I also love the values Pomellato stand for and was excited  about  the opportunity to work with such a beautiful, iconic brand.