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Kering award finalists – Nida Gonul

portrait of Nida Gonul

Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) has been working with the team at Kering to develop innovation for sustainability in LCF students across communications, design, and strategy. From a pool of applicants across BA and MA courses, we worked with the most creative and rigorous thinkers, makers, and practitioners through a programme of mentoring and coaching.

Six finalists were selected for their standout work in response to briefs from Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Prior to the announcement of 2015's winners, we caught up with each of the changemakers selected as finalists to hear more about their innovative ideas – in this blog we speak to Nida Gonul. The winners of the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion receive €10,000 and a paid internship at the brand.

Finalist – Nida Gonul

MA Footwear student Nida Gunul’s approach to design is deeply experimental and her project for Stella McCartney led her to collaborate with material scientists to develop new applications of leather alternatives for footwear production. Having worked in various footwear factories in Italy and Turkey, Nida has been able to recognise the opportunity for designers to challenge the standard and accepted materials and processes for a truly innovative and unique outcome.

‘My primary concentration is attaining beauty and desirability in footwear, while keeping in mind the sustainability and innovation aspects of the parts constituting this object of desire.’

Her work in developing biodegradable leather alternatives strikes the balance of creativity and viability and offers new opportunities for brands such as Stella McCartney who are committed to changing the way we make fashion.

‘With passions invested literally close to the ground we live on, I strive to develop research for materials towards rendering the final product as beautiful and as sustainable as possible.’

Through the Award, Nida worked with experts from the CSF and with Claire Bergkamp, Head of Sustainability and Ethical Trade at Stella McCartney, to offer unrivalled insight into the ways in which they are telling the stories of sustainability to empower their customers.


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