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  • Lou Budd

Interwoven: Fashion Storytelling in the time of a Climate Crisis

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“Storytelling can be a vehicle to share the impact of innovations and contextualise the support we need on our road to action.”

 – Interwoven 

The Next Gen Assembly, in collaboration with Global Fashion Agenda, convenes talented students and young professionals in an impactful advocacy programme. Our goal is to enable the next generation of sustainability changemakers to gain access to the industry, have their voices heard, and their ideas nurtured. Members are supported by our Fashion Values team in following a curriculum and developing advocacy and communications skills to foster their development.  


The 2023 Next Gen Assembly cohort came together from across the globe to reflect on what change within the fashion industry can look like. Their report, Interwoven: Fashion Storytelling in the time of a Climate Crisis, is for students curious to learn more about sustainable fashion; creatives looking to co-create solutions for an industry in crisis; and commercial leaders eager to work with the next generation. 

black and white headshot photos of the eight Next Gen Assembly members
Next Gen Assembly 2023 Members

Through the voices and stories presented in this report, eight talented changemakers from around the world offer a unique snapshot of the fashion industry from diverse perspectives. Their narratives are infused with optimism and hope, serving to inspire action. From reflections on the Global Fashion Summit 2023 to personal anecdotes of their experience within the Next Gen Assembly programme, they share their valuable insights and visionary outlook for the future. 

“The Next Gen Assembly is a microcosm of what the industry could look like – multiple disciplines across the globe collaborating to create a new equitable model. It is through our collective action that we can become a megaphone for change... As the Assembly grows with new members, we hope to continue expanding our reach, advocating for youth voices, and placing pressure on the industry to take greater strides toward change.”

 – Interwoven 

We hope you enjoy the report. Want to learn more? You can watch the Next Gen Assembly masterclass on storytelling with impact and watch the Assembly members present their manifesto


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