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  • Prof. Kate Fletcher

Earth Logic: Fashion Action Research Plan

A circular print graphic – Earth Logic: Fashion Action Research Plan

Not much feels logical at this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, not much feels familiar. Perhaps the only thing that is recognisable is the decision of a host of different fashion brands cancelling orders in profit-seeking decisions with untold ramifications for workers in the supplier factories of their supply chains.

In a time of crisis, be it the climate or the corona crisis, it is more evident than ever before that things have to change. But the question that many have long troubled over is, how? Surely what is needed is an entirely new logic for fashion that calls out the growth logic that inherently undermines efforts to change the sector in line with finite resources limits and planetary boundaries. Over the last nine months myself and Mathilda Tham (Linnaeus University, Sweden) have built Earth Logic, a fashion action research plan that offers a radical vision for the fashion industry, the media, citizens, policy makers to transform the sector by putting Earth first. We see this as a simple shift; and one that changes everything. Earth Logic unfolds its new logic through a values-centred framework and then travels in six landscapes which we think offer daring advanced starting points for fast and deep work in the area. These range from less to plural and from language to governance. We offer suggestions for how each of these landscapes can be acted upon, today and in whichever place you find yourself in.

Earth Logic extends an open invitation to others to get involved – to act for systems change.


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