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Prof Sandy Black

Prof Sandy Black

Professor of Fashion, Textile Design & Technology

Sandy is a Research Professor working at the intersections of fashion  and textile practice, design for sustainability, technology, business  and culture.  Sandy has published pioneering texts on sustainable  fashion and on knitwear design, history and technology. Recent work  brings academic research and the designer fashion sector together  through collaborative projects, focusing on the role of creative  entrepreneurship, design, new business models and innovative technology  application in addressing issues of sustainability in fashion. Sandy is  founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Fashion Practice: Design,  Creative Process and the Fashion Industry (Routledge Journals),  published since 2009.

Current Projects

  • Future Fashion Landscapes


  • 2023  Accelerating Sustainability in Fashion, Clothing and Textiles.   Co-edited book by Martin Charter, Bernice Pan and Sandy Black,  Routledge, 2023.  Including Chapter 9:
    Sandy Black, Dilys Williams,  Agnes Rocamora, Mila Burcikova, Fergus Lyon, Andrea Werner, Ian Vickers,  Patrick Elf, Claudia Eckert and Philippa Crommentuijn-Marsh. Fostering  Sustainable Practices: The case of micro and small designer fashion  enterprises pp 128-140.

  • 2023  Net Zero as a Catalyst in fashion  micro and small enterprises: Contributing to a wellbeing economy in the  UK. Discussion Paper by Dilys Williams, Mila Burcikova and Sandy Black,  for the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre.

  • 2023   Sandy Black.  A designer’s perspective on a creative era in knitwear  design: British fashion knitwear 1970 -1990.  TEXTILE: The Journal of  Cloth and Culture  Special Issue: Creativity in Knitted Textiles Vol  21(4) 875-902.  

  • 2022  Patrick Elf, Andrea Werner and Sandy  Black. Advancing the circular economy through dynamic capabilities and  extended customer engagement: Insights from small sustainable fashion  enterprises in the UK.  Business Strategy and the Environment Special  Issue Circular Economy 31(6) 2682-2699.

  • 2022   Claudia Eckert,  Philippa Crommentuijn-Marsh and Sandy Black. The role of networks in  supporting micro- and small-sized sustainable fashion businesses.  Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 18 (1), 544-559

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