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Dr Francesco Mazzarella

Dr Francesco Mazzarella

Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Design for Social Change

Francesco is a design researcher, educator, and activist, striving to  plant seeds of hope and change, especially working with marginalised  communities. Francesco's work aims at exploring ways in which design  activism can be used to create counter-narratives towards  sustainability, in and through fashion. In 2018 Francesco completed his  PhD in ‘Crafting Situated Services: Meaningful Design for Social  Innovation with Textile Artisan Communities’ at Loughborough Design  School, funded by the AHRC Design Star CDT.


  • Mathew, N. & Mazzarella, F. (2023). Up-skilling Marginalised South  Asian Women Based in the United Kingdom through a Home Decor Social  Enterprise: A Collaborative Training Framework. DISCERN: International  Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and  Entrepreneurship, 4(2), 22-41.

  • Mazzarella, F. & Mirza, S.  (2023). Textile Autobiographies: Crafting Shifting Identities with  Refugee Communities. In: Proceedings of IASDR 2023 Conference  'Life-Changing Design', 9-13 October 2023, Politecnico di Milano, Milan,  Italy.

  • Mazzarella, F. (2023). Fashion Activism and Design for  Social Change – The Making for Change: Waltham Forest Project. In:  Earley, R. & Hornbuckle, R. (Eds.) Design Materials and Making for  Social Change – From Materials we Explore to Materials we Wear. London,  UK: Routlegde.

  • Mazzarella, F. & Black, S. (2022). Fashioning  Change: Fashion Activism and its Outcomes on Local Communities. Fashion  Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & The Fashion  Industry. 15(2), 230-255.

  • Mazzarella, F., May, A.J. &  Mitchell, V. (2021). A Methodological Framework for Crafting Situated  Services. Journal of Service Management, 32(5), 752-782.

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